Mini bluetooth spy cam

Hide in plain sight and capture your interactions on video. Does the Bluetooth portion actually allow me to make phone calls? No, this together model does not allow you to make phone calls. It simply looks like a Bluetooth device. Does this camera stream video to a Bluetooth device like my cell phone? No, there are no actual Bluetooth components inside the system. Does this camera recording complete darkness? No, this is not a night vision camera. We have seen footage from traffic stops at night and as long as your takedown lights are on illuminating the scene, this camera will work just fine.

How long will this record on a memory card? Expect between 30 mins to 1 hour depending on what mode you have it in. We are not a try and return company. We take great pride in what we sell and promise that your product will work or we will replace it. A lot of people will buy a product, use it for a short while then return it.

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We are not a rental company. You are guaranteed complete satisfaction. If it's not right, we'll make it right. Should you ever have a problem with anything you purchase from Spygadgets rest assured that you are covered. Please read the following information so there is no question what will happen in the event you need to return a product. We understand that sometimes an Item is not suited for the purpose you intend it for. We expect you to get a good quality item to suit your needs.

We do not expect to have items returned that have been used, mis-handled, abused or broken.

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This is unacceptable. Most items can be returned within 15 days of receiving them, we believe that 15 days in your possession, is enough time to determine if any item will be suitable for your needs.

The receiving date is when it was delivered to you. If you are unsure as to what item may work for your situation please call or email us, before ordering. Non-Defective return items must be in perfect condition.

We understand that you will open the box and test the device. Hot Selling. Updated daily. Top Search. About product and suppliers: Q: How do i know if there is a hidden camera in my bathroom fan? A: First , consider your parents ' budgeting. Google hidden camera systems and see how much they costs - could your parents afford it? Probably they have been able to n't. Are they computer illiterate? Do you believed they could set something like that up themselves? Could they afford to recruit a specialist? Do something different you are not is supposed to be done , or that you think would freak them out : Get a genuinely good fake tattooing , make convinced you get copies of it so you are able reapply it , put it on at schooling and later wash it gingerly in the shower like you are washing a new real tattooing.

Or do some fake piercings. If that is n't true said something to you about that was later there presumably are n't any cameras. And if they do have cameras on you , they 're pervs Q: What are 2 advantages of using a digital camera than a regular camera? A still camera captures still images - photographs that does n't move. Most modern-day digital cameras will do both. They will capture still images as their principal functionsing , but also have a video mode that captures motion photographs.

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