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You only have to enable notification access and accessibility access when you install the application on the target device. You will receive a 3 days trial period no credit card required so that you can test how Whatsapp tracking works.

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Get the best app for social spy Whatsapp. Spapp Monitoring includes many other features also for social spy, such as Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. Spapp Monitoring is a complete phone tracking solution that comes with complete social messages tracking. Tracking messages from Whatsapp is possible even if the sent or received messages are deleted. Shares files, such as pictures ore videos, using Whatsapp will also be available to view or download.

These files will be available even if they are deleted on the phone. Tracking is possible even without an Internet connection, all the recorded data will be sent to the server when Internet will be available. Log in Forgot Password. It also has two versions for iPhone i.

Jailbreak and No Jailbreak. Here is a compatibility chart for that:. Apart from monthly subscriptions, quarterly, and annually subscriptions are also available.

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TrackMyFone is a trusted mobile monitoring software designed for employers and parents. It is also a WhatsApp spying app so you will get to read all the WhatsApp conversations with their contacts. You can see the time and date stamps with each message, contact details and multimedia shared over the chats. It also supports WhatsApp call monitoring. TrackMyFone is compatible with Android and iPhone.

To read chats or to check the contact names, numbers, and WhatsApp call logs, you will need a rooted Android device. However, no rooting is required to check the multimedia shared on WhatsApp.

Part 2: Spy on Android

On the other hand, you can only read chats, check the contact number and name of the recipient on iPhone no-jailbreak is required. TrackMyFone is compatible with both Android and iPhone no jailbreak. Check the compatibility chart below to see if it supports your device:. Three months and 12 months subscriptions are also available. With its WhatsApp spying feature, you can read the WhatsApp chats on the target phone and this also includes group chats. You can also view the photos, videos and voice files.

You can view them and download them remotely also. A problem with Spyzie is that will have to spend money on getting Ultimate Edition for WhatsApp spying since the premium Edition does not support it. Also, it does not support the latest iOS. Spyzie is compatible with Android and iPhone no rooting and jailbreak required. Here is a compatibility chart for Spyzie:.

Spy on Someone Through WhatsApp: The Best WhatsApp Spy App

The Android version of Spyzie has two editions, Ultimate edition and Premium edition. Both these Editions are available in 1 month, 3 months and 1 Year License.

Next on our list of WhatsApp spying app is Flexispy. It is also a complete spying app and one of its features is WhatsApp monitoring too. You can track all WhatsApp conversations on the target device remotely.

WhatsApp Spy

This feature works on both Android and iPhone. However, rooting and jailbreaking is required for WhatsApp spying. You will get to view the chats along with time and date stamps, view profile pictures and names of the contact and multimedia photos, videos and audio clips included sent along the conversations.

Spy Whats App chat , Photo and Videos without Touching anyone Phone , Need Only Same Wifi

Flexispy works on both Android and iPhone but you will have to jailbreak the device for installation. Check the compatibility chart below:. Premium is available in 1 month, 3 months and 12 months subscriptions while the Extreme version is only available in 3 months and 12 months subscriptions. Highster Mobile is another spying app for kids and employee monitoring that also supports WhatsApp. It gives you remote access to text messages, call logs, GPS location and more. It works on phones and tablets. You can also count on it for WhatsApp spying. The only problem with Highster Mobile is that you will have to root your Android device for spying.

Highster Mobile is compatible with Android and iPhone. Check out its compatibility chart to find out if it supports your device. There are no monthly or annual billings. Spymaster Pro claims itself to be a reliable cell phone monitoring software that works on Android and iPhone. It also lets you monitor WhatsApp conversations with their time and date stamps and you can also view the photos shared on WhatsApp.

However, to view the WhatsApp chats and photos, you will have to root the Android device. It lets you spy on WhatsApp chats on iPhone without Jailbreak too.

The Best 10 Free WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android

Although it is an affordable spying app but it does not support the latest android and iPhones. Also, you will have to root your Android device for WhatsApp spying. Spymaster Pro has separate versions for Android and iPhone. One-month, three-month and month subscriptions are available too. GuestSpy is a user-friendly application designed to watch over kids and employees. Along with regular spying features, it also supports WhatsApp spying. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone. It lets you view all WhatsApp conversations, names and contact numbers of the recipient, and date and time stamps of each chat.

You can also access videos files, audios files and photos shared via WhatsApp. The features sound great right but it only supports WhatsApp spying on rooted and jailbroken devices.

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Also, it is not compatible with latest Android and iOS devices. GuestSpy is compatible with Android and iPhone jailbreak is required. Check the compatibility chart here:. GuestSpy is available in three plans.

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  8. The spying of messages, calls, and documents shared is easy and it can be stored on the dashboard. Once you have downloaded and installed the XySpy on your device, you can easily keep an eye over the suspect. The app gives the user a feature that enables them to make use of the suspect WhatsApp account for a long period of time. Location — using the WhatsApp spying app you know the specific and current location of the suspect device after installation.

    Furthermore, you do not have to indulge in high-level algorithm operation; the spying program does it well thus pop-up the information the user is after for. Call recording — the WhatsApp gives the user a calling feature that helps the user to make calls without switching from the chats. The XySpy spy on calls and record them with content and time as well as date stamps. The duration will allow you to know how long talks are being done by the suspect.

    The data is then sending to an online account of the user. The files, photos, and videos shared can be easily stored. You can see the alert on your online account. There are lots of spying functions but the most prominent ones are these four. You can know more about XySpy from the site. You will thus make choice whether you really need this app or not. Why you need WhatsApp spy tool — XySpy.